How it started

Alex envisioned “P.M.A. Obviously!” in November 2016, following a suicide attempt and bipolar disorder diagnosis. A turning point in his life. After accepting his condition, he wanted to share his experiences with others in the hope that they too could start the road to recovery. “Once you become aware of your mind and use it to your advantage, you truly are an unstoppable force for good.”
It all starts with a Positive. Mental. Attitude… Obviously!

...how it's going!

Having spoken across the UK, Alex continues to bring with him a wealth of experience and undeniable compassion for others who share similar struggles. He has won multiple awards including “Most Inspiring Mental Health Ambassador (2023)” and “Most Dedicated Suicide Prevention Coach (2024)”. He hopes to continue supporting others and changing the social stigma for many more years to come!

Main areas of focus

Growth Mindset

Mindset is everything and an essential tool in your toolkit! If you can learn the secrets to apply a growth mindset and build resilience, you will be able to deal with the challenges of life calmly and more efficiently.

Bipolar Disorder

How to manage bipolar disorder and take back control. From manic/psychotic episodes and being very high, to depressive episodes and being very low. He has also suffered from crippling anxiety and OCD tendencies.

Avoiding Burnout

Work and life an be stressful, there’s no denying that. But stress shouldn’t rule your life and consume all your thoughts. Learn how to manage stress and become more productive in the workplace.

Remaining sane in an insane world!

Alex Blake is the founder of P.M.A. Obviously! He is also the featured keynote speaker for his original 2-hour keynote, “Remaining sane in an insane world!”. Alex is a passionate mental health advocate & trained mental health first aider, who has worked with & spoken to audiences across the UK. He helps anyone who is struggling, but predominantly visits workplaces and educational institutes. Alex was recognised as the Lifestyle Coach of the Year for South England, 2021-22 and 2022-23 and the acknowledgement has given him added confidence to know that his work is required.

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