"Is anyone better qualified to talk about mindset or suicide prevention than someone who got out on the other side?"

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A short introduction to Alex Blake
Founder of P.M.A Obviously!

Breakthrough keynote speech

Remaining sane in an insane world!

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Hi, I'm Alex.
I'm an award winning speaker.

Alex Blake is the founder of “P.M.A. Obviously!” – a lifestyle coach and speaker for his original 2-hour keynote, “Remaining sane in an insane world!”. Alex is a passionate mental health advocate & qualified Mental Health First Aider, who has worked with & spoken to audiences from across the UK. He helps anyone who is struggling, but predominantly visits corporate workplaces and educational institutes. 

P.M.A.O! has won multiple awards including winner of the “Lifestyle Coach of the Year – South England” two years running (2021/22 and 2022/23) and “Most Dedicated Suicide Prevention Coach 2024 – South East England”. 

He was also recognised as “Most Inspiring Mental Health Ambassador 2023” by SME News for his fundraising efforts, raising nearly £3,000 in 2023 for suicide prevention charity, Baton of Hope UK.

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Reviews & Feedback

Michael Moss
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Alex gave a compelling and honest presentation at the LGT event for younger professionals where he discussed the importance how you can help improve your mental health in the workplace. It was raw and refreshingly honest, with some excellent feedback from all the attendees.
Caitlin Bell
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Alex delivered a talk on 'Remaining sane in an insane world' at an event we held for younger professionals in the finance world. He touched upon the importance of checking in with colleagues and how you can personally take steps to improve your mental health and confidence in the workplace. Sharing his own journey, the talk was very moving, informative, and thought-provoking. Thank you Alex!
Amy Clarke
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Alex gave an informative and passionate presentation from his own experience about the importance of regularly checking in on your mental health as well as others. He made the talk relevant to the industry we work in and offered great advise on how to tackle it on a day to day basis.
Rowena Wintle
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Very interesting talk from Alex. Thank you for sharing your personal experience which was very close to home. Also thanks for taking the time to chat after the session (and thanks for the much-needed hug) Great job!
Dale Crowton
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Alex gave an excellent presentation explaining his own personal difficulties with mental health and how you can spot the signs and help prevent suicide or self harm.
Amie Holmes
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Alex came to our office as part of our 'Health & Wellbeing day" - his talk was really insightful as someone that wants to be able to help but doesn't always know how to approach the conversation. I found it very useful and it left me with a lot to think about. Alex did a fab job and was very open which made it easier to relate to (as someone who has struggled myself, I don't connect as well with someone who hasn't experienced it). Amazing talk. Thank you Alex!
Will Oakeley
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Had a really good session with Alex, it was really helpful to understand his personal experience and how he deals with it. I think even if you don't suffer from these kinds of issues there are some important pieces of advice to take away.
Cara Steven
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I attended a talk Alex gave as part of my masters degree in clinical exercise science - it was brilliant, very informative and engaging. Alex was very knowledgable and answered any questions asked. Alex also made time to answer questions I had and provide me with advice, relating to my own experiences, after the talk.
Eva Poliszczuk
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We invited Alex to speak at a social enterprise summit focusing on Improving Health in our community. Alex delivered an excellent keynote on Mental Health Awareness, passionately sharing his own story and giving our participants true insight into the ways people can support others suffering with ill mental health. Alex has amazing specialist knowledge and his keynote was really successful with our participants, bringing a fresh perspective on such a large issue. Thanks Alex!


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My vision is to create a movement and show vulnerability in the hope that it inspires others to seek the help they need without feeling shame or fear.

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After recovering from a suicide attempt and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016, I want to inspire and help others by sharing my experience to employees and students across the UK.


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